I am Jennifer Warner, I have been a technician for the last 22 years. I am currently working as one of the technicians here as well as helping behind the scenes! I obtained my certification in 2006 thanks to Dr. Esherick and other technicians that I had worked with at that time. I have 10 [...]


Hey there, my name is Lorrie. I’ve been working at the Burlington Veterinary Center for six years. I started out in a kennel position and have come a long way. I worked hard and now my position is Hospital Assistant. I am in charge of making sure the hospital runs smoothly. I help these lovely [...]


My name is Ashley Hughes and I’m a certified veterinary technician. I always knew I wanted to work with animals and do what I could to help them. I went to UCONN Storrs to major in Animal Science and after graduating from there I began working at Burlington Vet Center. Throughout the years, I’ve gained [...]


My name is Rebecca Putnoki but at the Burlington Veterinary Center you will know me as Becky, or that girl that always asks if it is alright to take pictures of your pet! I am currently a Veterinary Technician at BVC. You may speak with me when you first call our office, you may meet [...]


I always knew growing up that I would end up working with animals one day, with raising and showing Newfoundlands with my grandfather being a major contribution to that. He taught me to love animals like family, and was a huge encouragement to my childhood dreams of growing up to work in veterinary care. This [...]


Hey there! My name is Jordan Maloney and I have been lucky enough to be working here, at the Burlington Veterinary Center, since September 2020 as a Technician Assistant. Although I am new to working in a Veterinary setting, I have a 10 year background in the medical field, specifically pharmacy and home health care. [...]


Hello! My name is Aldona. I graduated as a veterinary technician in 2018 and received my state certification shortly after. I have never imagined doing anything else but working with animals. Becoming a veterinary nurse is a dream come true. People say do what you love and you will never work a day in your [...]


Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Theriault. I am one of the veterinary technicians at the Burlington Veterinary Center. I knew that I wanted to work with animals early on. In fact, in kindergarten I decided that I wanted to be a vet when I grew up and often “practiced” on my childhood cat, Chloe. [...]


My name is Vikki and I’m a certified veterinary technician. I joined the BVC team in 2021. This is my 50th, yea 50th year as a vet tech! I started out as a theater arts major in college and after 2 years I decided it wasn’t for me. I decided to pursue my passion for [...]


Hello, my name is Amanda. I joined the Burlington Vet team in 2022 and I am so excited to get to know and meet all our great patients. I have been a veterinary technician for around 10 years, and I have had the privilege of getting to work in multiple areas of the technician world. [...]

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