Hello! My name is Aldona. I graduated as a veterinary technician in 2018 and received my state certification shortly after. I have never imagined doing anything else but working with animals. Becoming a veterinary nurse is a dream come true. People say do what you love and you will never work a day in your life- I strongly disagree. Working in a veterinary setting is RUFF, it’s taking on multiple positions like radiologist, anesthesiologist, surgical assistant, phlebotomist, restrainer, pharmacist, receptionist, a teacher, the list goes on, but that’s what I love about it. Besides being surrounded by animals every day at work, the benefit of this job is continuous education and career growth. I have a special interest in wildlife and exotic animals, as well as animal behavior. Working in a Fear-Free certified practice setting is a huge part of animal behavior that I enjoy, especially as an owner of cats that are very fearful outside of their home and routine.

I was born and lived half of my life in Poland. I moved to New York City at the age of 12 with my family. Couple years later I moved to Connecticut. I am now a happy resident of Burlington. I love nature and wildlife, the city life is not for me! On my days off you will find me in the woods. I love hiking and camping, and spotting wildlife is the best part of any day.

I live with my husband, our mischief cat Little (not-so-little) Uzi, two snakes; a ball python and a boa constrictor, our bearded dragon Ninja, and plenty of fish.