Hey there! My name is Jordan Maloney and I have been lucky enough to be working here, at the Burlington Veterinary Center, since September 2020 as a Technician Assistant. Although I am new to working in a Veterinary setting, I have a 10 year background in the medical field, specifically pharmacy and home health care. I’m very excited to bring my extensive training and skills to the office here, to serve my favorite beings.. ANIMALS! I thrive in a productive, family-friendly environment, which of course includes making great connections with all of our families that come in! Never hesitate to tell me a good joke (Or a bad one, the cornier the better). *I want to apologize in advance for all of the little tiny baby voices I WILL use with your animals, its 100% an involuntary and I cant’ help it*

Like all of us here, my passion for animals runs much deeper than this just being my career. I truly love animals of all shapes and sizes – yes, even the little rodents (believe me, I had pet mice, rats, prairie dogs and a squirrel as a kid and I LOVED them!)

I have the two most amazing fur babies at home, my year old cat, Baller, and 2 year old yellow lab Lilly. In her older age, Baller lives a simple life full of naps, and sunbathing. In the colder months, we all love to sit by the fire and watch a funny movie. Lilly loves her treats, but nothing is a match for her love of swimming. She is such a cuddle bug, and an even better hiking partner! They balance each other out with their opposite personalities but have grown to be the best of friends.

When I’m not working or home, you can probably find me and Lilly out on an adventure – whether it’s hiking, splashing around, kayaking, visiting family, or just going for rides! We are a pretty active family, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.