Hey there! My name is Kellie Odette and I am so fortune to be joining the team at Burlington Vet Center as a hospital assistant! My entire life I have had a huge variety of pets going from cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, and gerbils. Growing up I always knew that working with animals was my passion and goal. I am a certified Vet Assistant through a course that Tunxis Community College offers, however my goals is to gain the experience as a Vet Assistant and to grow and become a certified Vet Tech!

In middle school, my family and I got involved with a dog rescue. We volunteered at events and we would foster dogs. Fostering dogs was very rewarding because we got a feel of different dogs from different backgrounds. Our last foster was the best thing that ever happened to us. We were supposed to get a dog named Buster (ironically one of our dogs at the time was named Buster ), Buster came off transport with a really high fever and had to be rushed to an emergency vet. So another volunteer rushed to go with him and decided once he was stable that she would foster him. We took her foster who was a beautiful shepard husky mix whom we found out later was abused and was very nervous. Long story short, I trained her and between my family and my other dogs, she learned how to be a normal dog. We ended up adopting her and the volunteer that rushed with Buster to the vet adopted him. It’s amazing how things work out the way they are supposed to!

Outside of working, I enjoy spending my free time with both sets of my grandparents (and their cats!) and spending time with my siblings and my rabbit. My rabbit is unlike most common rabbits, he is a 15 pound Flemish giant. He loves going for car rides and especially loves going over to my memes because he knows that she spoils him!