Hi! My name is Libby, and I’m a veterinary technician at the Burlington Veterinary Center. I studied Business and Psychology at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester,Vermont where I worked as a dog handler at a local dog rescue. Working in rescue taught me how to work hard and work as a team, love compassionately, and most importantly, made me realize nothing compares to being around animals all day every day. After working in rescue for three years,I knew I was meant to be in the veterinary field. Flash forward two years, and I love every minute of it.

Growing up with three older brothers I spent a lot of my time with my family’s pets.From cats to dogs to hamsters and guinea pigs, animals were and still are my best of friends – much better company than big brothers if I must say! In my first year of college, I adopted a husky (with a lot of attitude) who was a stray in the south. The following year, I adopted another husky who came from a terrible neglect situation…let’s just say, my home is never quiet!

Aside from the wonderful animals I get to work with, my favorite part of working at the Burlington Veterinary Center is the people. Working with such a strong team of individuals who build each other up and show compassion for one another (and your pets) is beyond compare. Additionally are the clients. Getting to know clients, their families, their neighbors, and friends are what makes BVC feel like a second home to me.

Outside of work, you can find me in Vermont, my forever home (even though I’m from CT, shh!), with my family and my dogs, Luna, Yeti, and Brembo. I love to snowboard, play guitar, go to car shows with my boyfriend and admire my excessive amount of indoor plants (pet-safe plants only)!