Hey there, my name is Lorrie. I’ve been working at the Burlington Veterinary Center for nine years. I started out in a kennel position and have come a long way. I worked hard and now my position is Hospital Assistant. I am in charge of making sure the hospital runs smoothly. I help these lovely ladies and awesome doctors have what they need to get through a thorough exam, surgeries, x-ray and ultrasounds. I take a lot of pride in my life both inside and outside of my work environment. I believe that honesty, empathy, follow-through and being true to your word are some of my most important characteristics. I use these every day when working with such great clients. I have come a long way and never imagined I could complete the tasks that I do in my work environment. I have received a certificate in a fear free practicing which we utilize every day. I also received a certification in x-ray positioning which I am very excited to keep practicing and evolving in. Along with that, One of my most professional accomplishments was when I started working as a companion for the elderly 16 years ago. I then received a great opportunity here at the Burlington Veterinary Center and become an important team member. I get to spend a lot of time with lots of different animals with very different personalities. I have one cats and two dogs at home one of which is my grand pup. They all receive pet care at the BVC, I have complete faith in the care that my fur babies get. I spend lots of time outside with my grand pup, Micca and my pup Gilly. We all love nature walks and just spending time throwing the ball or just taking a ride. I am looking forward to continuing to learn new things and work with such a great team.