I have been a small animal veterinary practitioner now for over 30 years. I pursued my veterinary education at Ross School of Veterinary Medicine at St Kitts in the British West Indies and matriculated in 1989. Post-graduation, I left my home state of Maryland and took on my first 5 years of development and training at a multiple hospital referral and emergency facility here in Connecticut where I had extensive training and developed experience in multiple disciplines including internal medicine, surgery, oncology, ultrasound and endoscopy. In 1995 the opportunity came my way to practice in my new hometown of Burlington where I could be the practice leader and design my own veterinary practice culture. I purchased the facility from the former owners in 1999. In 2013-14 we remodeled the facility to accommodate my new associate Dr. Trevino and provide a physical plant that would not only be state of the art in capability but also facilitate our entire team in providing the best in advanced general veterinary surgery and medicine.

Professionally, I have pursued formal continuing education in multiple aspects of veterinary internal medicine and surgery with particular interests in oncology, ultrasound diagnostics, soft tissue surgery, allergy medicine and dermatology as well as critical care and pain management.

When outside the Burlington Veterinary Center I find my favorite pursuits are spending time with my two young men Nick and Ben, my beloved creatures Abby the dog and Lucy, our intuitive and albeit a bit nuts, kitty.
My recreational pursuits include playing guitar, golfing, bicycling, swimming, yoga, mindfulness (where would I be without it?), motorcycling, cooking and landscaping as well as taking on do it yourself projects as they present themselves. I also enjoy cooking, traveling (I’m new to RV’ing), taking in a good movie, watching professional sports and seeing live music.

It was suggested as I put together this bio that I inject a personal story, but jeez, any client here at the BVC can attest, you get enough of those from me just being a client here.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly I wish to mention that each and every day I am humbled by the efforts and devotion of my entire team here. We all share in the vision of providing and evolving the best care to our patients and their 2-legged owners. It is impossible to express the depth of gratitude for all the blessings, the good fortune, the wonderful client, team member and patient relationships that have come my way. This is a remarkable profession, this veterinary medicine, that I humbly aspire to be a worthy and honorable contributor.