My name is Vikki and I’m a certified veterinary technician. I joined the BVC team in 2021. This is my 50th, yea 50th year as a vet tech!

I started out as a theater arts major in college and after 2 years I decided it wasn’t for me. I decided to pursue my passion for animals, and I was fortunate to find a position with my dogs’ veterinarian. It didn’t take but a minute for me to realize this was the career for me. I was fortunate to work with a fantastic tech with a 4-year degree. With her help and tons of continuing education I was able to take the national certification exam the first time it was offered, and I passed! The rest is ancient history.

I have always strived to continue to be curious and to learn. This field has allowed me to enjoy a career that is rarely boring and affords me a real sense of accomplishment.

I share my home with three Irish Water Spaniels, one Shih Tzu, three cats, and 7 birds. They definitely keep me busy! I enjoy showing my Irish Water Spaniels and have made many wonderful friends through showings. Showing them has also made it possible to travel to many wonderful places in this country.

I have worked with many doctors and technicians throughout those many years. I can say without a doubt, this team at BVC is the best! I could not be more proud of this group of dedicated individuals.