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Take Heart: Protecting Your Pet From Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease strikes fear in the heart of every pet owner—and rightly so. This potentially life-threatening parasitic infection can be transmitted to pets with a single mosquito bite, yet infected pets often show no signs until their condition is critical. Worse, heartworm-positive cats may show no signs at all. Fortunately, you can easily outsmart this [...]

5 DIY Enrichment Toys for Your Pet

Adequate enrichment that provides physical exercise and mental stimulation is an important part of your pet’s health. Our Burlington Veterinary Center team doesn’t want you to break the bank to keep your pet entertained, and we teach you how to make do-it-yourself (DIY) enrichment toys for your four-legged friend.  Why is enrichment important for my [...]

The Cat Friendly Practice® Difference

To earn the Cat Friendly Practice® designation, a veterinary practice must meet specific criteria to elevate cats’ care by reducing stress and making visits easier for cats and their caregivers. Our Burlington Veterinary Center team is proud to be a certified Cat Friendly Practice® because we are committed to providing our feline patients and their [...]

In Good Hands—Your Pet’s Anesthesia Experience

If your beloved pet will be having a procedure that requires anesthesia, you may feel apprehensive, overwhelmed, and frightened. As fellow pet lovers, our Burlington Veterinary Center team understands your concerns, but as veterinary professionals, we’re here to educate, inform, and reassure you about your pet’s anesthesia safety. Anesthetic apprehension is often rooted in the [...]

Pet Toothbrushing Tutorial

Dental disease is a serious issue that affects most pets by the time they are 3 years of age, but daily toothbrushing can help combat the problem. Our Burlington Veterinary Center team understands that this task may seem daunting, so we provide a step-by-step tutorial to facilitate the process. Why should I brush my pet’s [...]

Is Alternative or Rehabilitative Medicine Right for My Pet?

Pet pain and disability can take many forms. However, historically, all types of pet pain have been managed the same—through medication and restricted activity (i.e., crate rest). Fortunately, new and ancient therapies are gaining well-deserved recognition for their ability to provide powerful, safe, and targeted pain relief—thereby enhancing pet comfort, mobility, and quality of life. [...]

6 Strategies to Prolong Your Pet’s Life

No one likes to think about saying goodbye to a beloved pet, but you don’t need to find the Fountain of Youth to add years to your pet’s life. Our Burlington Veterinary Center team provides strategies that will help keep your pet healthy and prolong their life. #1: Spay or neuter your pet A spayed [...]

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Do’s and Don’ts

The leaves are changing, the football game is on the television, and the feast is on the table. Thanksgiving brings friends and family together, but the festivities can harm your pet. Our Burlington Veterinary Center team shares do’s and don’ts to help you safeguard your pet during the holiday. DO distinguish your pet Strangers milling [...]

Pet Obesity—An Urgent Health Threat

An estimated 55.8% of dogs and 59.5% of cats are overweight, but 80% of pet owners think their pet is normal weight. Pet obesity has been normalized in the United States, and many pet owners are unaware that their pet’s weight is unhealthy, although extra pounds can cause significant health issues for pets. Pets at [...]

5 Tips to Encourage Your Cat’s Natural Instincts

Although our cats are domesticated pets, they still have a wild side. Similar to dogs, cats have natural, instinctive behaviors they need to perform to remain happy and healthy—dogs need to dig and sniff, and cats need to scratch and stalk. By helping your house cat exercise their behavioral instincts, you enable them to get [...]

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