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7 Steps to Healthy Senior Pets

Senior pets hold a special place in our hearts at Burlington Veterinary Center. Sure, they may be cranky when you wake them from a nap, or curmudgeonly about certain care tasks, but they've earned the right. Dogs and cats age much faster than we do—most dogs are considered seniors by age 7, and cats reach [...]

Enrichment Activities for Pets

Enrichment activities keep your pet mentally and physically engaged, which helps them in numerous ways. Enrichment helps socialize young pets by exposing them to new sights, smells, sounds, and textures. Enriched pets are also less likely to exhibit stress and anxiety. Enrichment also prevents bored pets from displaying undesirable destructive behaviors. These activities also provide [...]

What Owners Should Know to Successfully Medicate Their Pets

Medicating your pet can be a daunting task, especially if they are not amenable to the situation. Each pet is different, and all require patience to find the best approach that will get their cooperation. Our team at Burlington Veterinary Center would like to give you advice to help ensure your pet receives the medication [...]

All By Myself—Pet Success for a New School Year

The back-to-school season can be a rough change for the whole household, including pets who have enjoyed a summer full of activity and company. Burlington Veterinary Center encourages you to implement a few changes long before the big first day of school, to help ensure your pet has a smooth transition to the new school [...]

6 Facts Pet Owners Need to Know About Heatstroke

If rising temperatures have you wiping sweat from your brow, your pet is feeling the heat, too. During the hot summer months, your pet is susceptible to heatstroke, a potentially life-threatening condition. Our team at Burlington Veterinary Center wants to educate you on this dangerous issue to help keep your pet cool and carefree. #1: [...]

New Cat? 5 Tips to Make Your Home a Feline Paradise

Your newly adopted cat is sitting in the middle of your living room, staring at you. The tip of his tail taps lightly on the carpet. The pride you felt when you rescued them from certain homelessness has worn off. As you meet their gaze, your heart sinks. It’s as if your cat is asking, [...]

Local Wildlife—A Threat To Your Pet?

While walking your shih tzu you see a snake, and your dog is determined to eat the reptile for lunch. You finally convince them to turn around, and then you notice an eagle soaring overhead. You begin to wonder if your area’s wildlife is a threat to your precious pooch. Our team at Burlington Veterinary [...]

Top 10 Tips to Keep Kids and Pets Safe

If you’re lucky enough to share your home with both four-legged and two-legged children, you likely have your hands—and hearts—full. Teaching kids and pets how to safely interact is an essential part of child and pet rearing. Whether you have pets but no kids, or kids and no pets, we are all responsible for keeping [...]

4 Tips to Set Your Puppy Up for Success

The excitement of adding a cuddly new puppy to your family is special and memorable, and puppyhood goes by in the blink of an eye. Puppies are fast learners and energetic fur balls who, like human children, require a lot of care and attention. Their first year is a critical time to learn manners and [...]

6 Ways to Express Love to Your Pet

Your furry, four-legged, life-support system perks you up, brightens your mood, and enriches your life. What can you do in return to improve their life in a loving way? The Burlington Veterinary Center team celebrates February, the month of love, with six ways to show your pet how much you care.  #1: Stimulate your pet’s [...]

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