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The Tails of Becky and Blaze, Summer Fun

Hello again friends of BVC, Becky here to update you on my adventures with the wonderful Blaze. Blaze has been doing very well with his hips since his diagnosis earlier this year. He has been continuing with his Dasaquin and catalyst daily and they are keeping him feeling young and spry. Now that it is [...]

How to Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

Summer's here and in full swing. A lot of us love getting outside and spending the sunny days with out pets. But it can be easy to forge that our furry companions can get over heated in the hot weather. Dogs and cats can sweat through their paws but not enough to help keep them [...]

The Tails of Becky and Blaze, His New Diagnosis

Hi there, it's Becky one of your favorite technicians over at the Burlington Veterinary Center. Some of you may know about the love of my life, also known as the cutest dog in the entire world, also known as Blaze. He's a Golden Retriever/German shepherd mix. He's been coming in for annual check up's here [...]

New Help for Canine Heart Disease

Congestive heart failure is a lethal condition. For many years veterinarians have sought for means by which we could delay or prevent the onset of this disease state. Classically, once a dog has developed heart disease, life expectancy has been measured in months. Until recently, studies have not found a medication that once dogs had [...]

Arthritis and Cold Weather: Degenerative Joint Disease in Winter

Arthritis and Cold Weather: Degenerative Joint Disease in Winter What is DJD? DJD arthritis affects joints making them stiff and painful to move. DJD can affect any dog and almost any joint, including the spine. How will DJD affect my dog? Different breeds, and differently sized dogs, may often feel the effects in different joints: [...]

Frostbite in Cats and Dogs

Snow and cold can be just as difficult for our furry friends as it can be for us! Frostbite refers to the damage of body tissue that has been exposed to freezing temperatures for an extended period of time. In addition to hypothermia (low body temperature), all warm-blooded creatures including dogs and cats can fall [...]

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