Your 2021 Healthy Pet Checklist

At Burlington Veterinary Center, we know that your pet’s health is your top priority. And, since the start of a new year is a great time to reassess your pet’s lifestyle, we created a handy list for you to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy all year long. Print, save, and make notes on [...]

Are Alternative Therapies Right for Your Pet?

The origin of the term “disease” means a “lack of ease,” and refers to discomfort, distress, or trouble. At Burlington Veterinary Center, we evaluate your pet’s health using conventional medical diagnostics and treatment, as well as looking for overall body imbalances that would benefit from alternative therapies. The goal of conventional western medicine and alternative [...]

Caring For Your Pet During Their Golden Years

It may seem that only yesterday you were cleaning up the millionth accident, prying your shoe out of your puppy’s mouth for the third time that morning, or trying to lie perfectly still in bed to avoid being ambushed by a frisky, foot-stalking kitten. But the years have passed, and your gangly puppy or ball-of-fluff [...]

Keep Your Pet Safe During the Howl-a-Days

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be here before we know it, so what better time than now to review holiday pet safety? Callie the feisty calico cat, Frank the goofy hound, and Constance the obedient schnauzer are about to start their household meeting on that exact topic. Let's listen in. Callie: I would like to [...]

What Do Painful Pets Say?

Raisin, a ridiculously cute 12-year-old Sphynx who used to love to tear around the house at 3 a.m. with her T-shirt flapping wildly, now prefers to snooze the night away. Mr. Wrinkles, a 10-year-old Shar-Pei, gets a bit testy when his owners playfully ruffle his wrinkles. Bo Peep the sheepdog is intermittently limping on her [...]

5 Tips for Using Nutraceuticals and Over-the-Counter Medications in Your Pet

With more than 85,000 dietary supplements on the market, you’d think these products would undergo rigorous testing and strict quality control measures before being placed on the shelves. However, unlike medications, no government agency oversees the safety, efficacy, or claims the supplement manufacturers make. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) typically monitors and evaluates medications [...]

July Fourth Do’s and Don’ts

In the veterinary world, holidays mean more than celebrations and decadent food—they typically mean an increase in pet emergencies. With picnics, fireworks displays, and general chaos, July Fourth is no exception. Although your holiday may be a little more low-key this year, trouble may still find its way to your pet, and ruin your holiday [...]

How to Keep Your Pet Cool in Hot Weather

Many people don’t begin to worry about heat safety for their furry loved ones until summer strikes in full force. However, pets can be affected by heat exhaustion or heat stroke when temperatures are only in the 70s, especially if left in a car on a sunny day. According to a study in the journal [...]

Beware the Boom: Thunderstorm Phobias and Noise Aversion in Pets

Your pet’s heightened hearing may be useful for hunting in the wild, but as a house pet, that extra sense can lead to noise aversion. Few pets appreciate loud noises, and many are easily startled, or frightened, when faced with a clamorous boom, bang, or bellow. If you don’t take steps to soothe your pet’s [...]

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